Contacts, calendars & tasks.

Securely share, sync and collaborate in teams.
Automatically backed up and always consistent.

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Easy collaboration.

Contacts, calendars and tasks for teams.

Betty shares her calendar with Johnny.


“Hey Johnny, I shared the project calendar with you. Check it out.”
Easy collaboration.
Johnny shares his tasks with Betty.


“Thanks, Betty. I am adding a task list as we speak.”

Organization made easy.

Save time with shared contacts, events and tasks.



  • Search
  • Sort options


  • Multiple views
  • Customizable start of the week
  • Supports 12h and 24h format


  • Search
  • Multiple lists
  • Filtering

Any device and the web.

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Work smarter, not harder.

Simplified scheduling

With free-busy you'll find the right date and time for meetings faster.

Better meetings

Check right in your calendar who will be present at your meeting.

Out of office

Easy access to your contacts, calendars and tasks while you are out of office.


With delegation your assistant can easily manage your schedule.

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These features require a compatible calendar application. We're working on also adding support to the webapp.

Public calendars.

Show your calendars to the world and keep people informed.

Just share the link of your public calendar or embed it on your website like we did below.

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Smart management.

Anywhere. Always updated. Secure.

Any device, anywhere

fruux works across platforms and devices. You'll always have access to your contacts, calendars and tasks.

Always updated

Your devices will always stay automatically in sync. Any change you make propagates to your other devices.

Always secure

Your data is always encrypted and securely backed up for you - on servers in Germany.

New device, no hassle

Whenever you get a new device, just set up fruux and your data is already there.

Premium support

We got your back. Just send an email and we'll help you within 24 hours. Usually much faster.

Open standards

With CardDAV and CalDAV you won't be locked in to any particular vendor.

Serious about privacy

We will never sell or give away your data. Your personal information is yours and it will never be owned by us.

We ♥ open source

We are behind sabre/dav, which is the most popular open source implementation of the WebDAV, CardDAV and CalDAV standards. Besides us, developers and companies around the globe use our sabre/dav technology to deliver sync functionality to millions of users.

We also contribute to and release a lot of other open source software.