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Automatically backed up and always consistent.

Contacts, calendars & tasks.

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fruux works with all of your devices!
On all of your devices!
With fruux you always have access to your contacts, calendars and tasks. Wherever you are!
Wherever you are!
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Getting organized in four simple steps.

#1 Sign-up and import your data

Once you have your fruux account, you can easily import all your existing contacts, calendars and tasks. If you want to start with a clean slate that's of course possible, too.

Create a fruux account and import your contacts, calendars and tasks.
With fruux, it's easy to manage your contacts, calendars and tasks from everywhere.

#2 Manage from everywhere

Managing your contacts and working with your calendars and todo-list has never been easier. It works from everywhere with our web app and all of your devices.

#3 Sync with everything

Add a contact on your phone, an appointment on your office computer an item to your todo-list on your tablet - everything will always be available on all of your devices and in all of the apps you use. fruux also syncs with Google and soon many other services. If you are a developer, you can integrate with our API.

fruux syncs your contacts, calendars and tasks with every device and all the services you use.
With fruux it's easy to share contacts, calendars and tasks with friends, family and collaborate with coworkers or your whole team.

#4 Share & collaborate

Once you are organized with fruux it get's really easy to work with others. Share a calendar with your family, create a team address book or publish your basketball team's schedule, you have full control.

Access anywhere.

Access and edit your contacts, calendars and tasks from anywhere, with any device and in any application. If you are a developer, integrate with our API.

Share with ease.

Share a calendar with your family, create a team address book or publish your basketball team's schedule, you have full control.

Safe and secure.

Your data is always securely backed up for you - on servers in Europe. We are laser-focused on playing nice with everything and will never lock you into a data silo.

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"It’s Dropbox for your PIM data, the place to store the data and sync it with any device or service you need. And that’s something we’ve needed for a long time."

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"fruux, the iCloud for everyone."

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"Managing and synchronizing contacts, calendar entries and tasks across Apple devices can be quite easy [...]. But throw Android and non-Mac desktops into the mix, and things can get complicated… very complicated."

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"Sure, you could use iCloud or Google’s services to sync your data between your devices, but that locks you in to one vendor and once you throw in apps and operating systems from different companies, things can get complicated fast."

We offer a free trial to anyone so you can try before you buy, with or without the help of our friendly support staff.

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No man is an island.

  • Create an address book for the whole family.
  • Advertise upcoming games for your sports team.
  • Work together on schedules and to-do lists.

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fruux is cross-platform. We want you to use the apps you already know and love whilst we take care of all the hard stuff.

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We absolutely ♥ open standards! So with CardDAV and CalDAV you won't be locked in to any particular vendor.

Your data, safe and sound.

We keep multiple backups of your data and securely store it all in our cloud - exclusively on servers within Europe. If you ever need to set up a new device, getting all of your precious data back will take only a matter of minutes.

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fruux for teams

Working with others? Then fruux for teams is our fantastic offering for calendars and contact management in your organisation.

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  • Keep track of important deadlines.
  • Peek into your co-workers' schedules and set up meetings.
  • Create and distribute customer or employee contact lists.
  • Easily add new team members with the management console.
  • Pay as you go – no long contracts.
  • Premium support from our team.
  • Use your own device!
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