API Documentation

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If you want to integrate your application with fruux, we have a very extensive API that allows you to access pretty much anything we store.

fruux is built from the ground up around its API. Everything you can do through the web application, is also possible in the API.

Instead of desiging our own API from scratch, we use existing open standards. The primary standards for these are:

The main way to exchange the actual contacts and events/tasks are through:

The benefit of using these standards, is that you can use existing clients to use the API. We strongly recommend finding good CardDAV/CalDAV clients over writing one from scratch.


fruux only supports SSL / HTTPS. The main access point for the API is:


Information about users is stored at:


Calendars are stored at:


Address books are stored at:



The fruux API requires HTTP Basic authentication. To use this, you must ask the user for a device-specific username and password.

The user can generate such as a username / password combination through the devices section of our application.

You are dealing with the users personal data now, so please be very careful. The user is putting a big trust in you, as a developer. Make sure you comply with all the privacy laws in your country, and you must also let the user know that you are about to access their stored data.


If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate contacting support. We'd be happy to assist you in getting setup, or answering questions about either our API specifically, or CardDAV and CalDAV in general. We would also love to know what you're planning to build!

We do realize that our documentation is a bit scarce, our plan is to extend this quite a bit and provide SDK's for easy integration.