Security & Reliability

Keeping you safe is our top priority.

We protect your data

Making sure that your data is secure is our top priority

All your personal data is transfered using HTTPS and encrypted at rest using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm, so your data is constantly encrypted, both in transit and 'at rest'. We also aim to implement the latest security practices into fruux such as the Content Security Policy. Making sure that your data is secure is our top priority and is more important to us than any new feature development.

fruux is serious about privacy

We're serious about privacy

We're based in Germany, which is renowned for having one of the strictest data protection laws in the world and we believe in these laws and stick to them like glue. Our infrastructure is exclusively on servers within Germany and we'll never give a third-party access to your data without your prior consent. For more details, head over to our Privacy policy page.

fruux is powered by Amazon Web Services

fruux is highly reliable

The fruux cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which delivers a highly customisable infrastructure platform with high reliability and availability as well as powerful security (check out the AWS Security and Compliance Center for details about their security certifications, independent attestations as well as their operational and physical security, as well as this blog post on security at AWS). AWS allows us to provide you with an excellent standard of service and high uptime.